Acai Ultima made me feel completely different!

Hi, My name is Natalie Naehrig, I’m from Hannover, Germany. I’m 41 now.

After I found out that Barbara is looking for testimonials for Acai Berry products, I’ve decided to help her with her website because some Acai Berry products can really help even mature people feel greater and improve their life.

Natalie: Acai Ultima - Before and After

a short comment from Barbara Winters: Natalie was the first person who replied my message in one health forum, where I told that I needed real testimonials for Acai Berry products. Natalie’s story continued below:

At the age of 37 I’ve started feeling depressed because of my excess weight, constant colon problems and this all resulted in very low energy level and bad moods all the time. My poor husband didn’t know what to do with me.

Acai became known even in Germany and once I’ve heard some good testimonials from my coworker, I’ve decided to give a try to it. But that was not so easy! Most of those Acai “free trial” products were limited to sales in USA and Canada only! But I was looking hard and finally I found a website selling product named Acai Ultima which claimed they could ship Acai Berry to Germany or any other country of the world. I’ve chatted with their live support – they have confirmed that they sell pure acai berry extract,  and I placed my order.

Shipping took a few days, but that was worth waiting for! Just about 3 days after I started taking Acai Ultima I have noticed I started having less problems with my colon.

After 7 days I’ve noticed that in the morning I get up fresh and full of energy, not any close to way it was before! And after about 1 month of taking that acai supplement, my weight reduced by 5 Kilo’s (~11 pounds) – that was simply amazing. I have understood now what does good body methabolism mean – without any diets you can lose weight, just because your body is functioning properly and flushing all toxins and burning fat properly, thanks to Acai Ultima.

So if you are suffering from excess weight or having low energy level or just feeling old and depressed, you probably simply need to help your body to flush toxins and improve metabolism with a good Acai Berry product like Acai Ultima.

Thank you so much Natalie for your testimonial and specially for providing your photos!  This was testimonial of Natalie Naehrig for Acai Ultima , specially for my website.

Yours, Barbara